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Q: - What is ‘SVI’ Gas Saver?

A: - The ‘SVI’ Gas Saver is the device to save Natural gas / LPG / CNG fuel types.


Q: - What is difference between ‘SVI’ & other brands?

A:-The SVI gas saver device directly comes in contact with the gas. Unlike other magnetic savers, SVI is not just holds pairs of magnets. It holds magnets in such sequence which provides optimum performance.


Q: - How Product works?

A:-The Gas is passed directly through Powerful Magnets, placed inside the device. This increases the excitation level of Gas molecules and causes their clustering. When the gas comes out of SVI Gas Saver, it burns with improved Thermal Efficiency. The Energy Saver with hallmark of SVI ensures you of higher Efficiency and Reliability.


Q:-Does the products have laboratory approvals?

A:-The product is certified from ITA LAB and Government approved NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation). Also the products are 'CE' certified.


Q: - Is the product safe to use?

A: - Yes, the products are safe and ‘CE’ certified.


Q:-Where SVI gas savers can be used?

A:-The product is suitable for both cylinder and pipeline (PNG) gas sources.


Q:-Does product require any maintenance?

A:-Once installed, the product does not require any maintenance. The products are corrosion free.


Q: - Any effects on appliance performance after installation?

A:-No change in appliance performance since only gas thermal efficiency is improvised.


Q: - Changes after fitting gas saver?

A:- The changes which can be observed are:

    • The flame becomes brighter and turns from red to white orange. A high temperature bright flame is observed.


    • The flame is reduced in vertical length and extended laterally. The rate of combustion becomes higher.


    • Spark in the flame is reduced or eliminated.


    • Vibrating combustion is prevented.


    • Pollution material content in exhaust gas is reduced


Q: - What are the benefits of SVI Gas Saver?

A:- The benefits are:


    • India’s one and only gas saver manufactured by ISO 9001:2008 company and European standard ‘CE’ certified.


    • Easy working with LPG / PNG connections.


    • IS 319 grade all brass body for higher reliability.


    • Equipped with powerful rare magnets for higher efficiency.


    • No cutting on gas line is required.


    • Maintenance free device.


    • Ready to use and simple to install.


    • Eco-friendly product.


    • Returns best value for your money.



Q: - Can I install product by myself?

A: - Yes, the products can be easily installed by yourself following the steps included in the installation procedure.

Q: - Does the products have Warranty?

A: - Yes, the products are having 2 years warranty from the date of purchase.